Forever Giving Foundation pledges support for Haitian Relief

It is hard to watch the devastating images that we are seeing from Haiti after the recent earthquake. With tens of thousands of people killed, the destruction is unparalleled. Couple this recent disaster with the already dire economic state in Haiti and the need for outside help is greater than ever. We can stand by and hope that someone else will help or we can group together and Make a Forever Difference. I am asking each of you to make a donation to Forever Giving. Whether it is $10 or $1000 is not important. What is important is that we get involved. This is the first big challenge that has hit since the inception of Forever Giving and this is our chance to show the world that we are committed to “Making a Difference.” Rex and Ruth have personally made a generous contribution to help with the relief effort. Also we are mobilizing our operations in the Dominican Republic to get needed items to Haiti as the airport at Port-au-Prince is extremely congested. We hope that you will join with us and together we will be able to give hope where all hope has been lost. GIVE NOW!

Gregg Maughan, Director and President