Join Us to Support the Japan Relief Efforts

Dear Forever Friends, Like all of you, I have been stunned by the recent events in Japan. I recall waking early to the news that there had been a massive earthquake just off the northeastern coast of Japan. My first reaction when I hear of disasters and troubles throughout the world is to do a quick mental inventory of where our staff and distributors are. I recalled immediately that we have large numbers of dedicated distributors that live in the affected area, and we began the process of trying to locate our Country Manager in Japan to see what was happening and how we could help. Rjay Lloyd and his wife Annie were also in Tokyo, and after a nervous couple of hours we were able to contact them and get an assessment of their safety and the situation there. Over 300km south of where the earthquake struck, Rjay and Annie felt the quake, which still registered over 7 on the Richter Scale at the office in Toyko. He told us buildings were swaying over 18" off center. Thankfully our office in Tokyo suffered only superficial damage and no one was hurt. However, it quickly became apparent that this was more than 'another earthquake'. It was a defining moment in world history. With the advice of our team in Tokyo, we reluctantly made the decision to postpone the Japanese Rally that was scheduled for the next week. With this decision made we were able to focus our efforts on doing what we could to help.

Miraculously, we are able to report that so far we have heard of no loss of life amongst our distributors. Sadly, though, many have lost their homes and ALL of their possessions; in some instances, their entire villages have been washed away. Obviously this level of devastation has created a massive need for humanitarian assistance, and I am proud to let you know that Forever has not been standing by. We immediately emptied our warehouse there of our products and gave them to our distributors, who have been an excellent distribution network making sure the product is getting to the people in need. We have sent truckloads of products, food and water from the south up to the stricken areas. Just yesterday we sent two more truckloads of food and water to those in need. We will continue to do what we can to help. But, without your help, we can only do so much.

Please take a moment today to give what you can. We understand there are needs throughout the world and appreciate that it might not be a good time to give to another 'cause'. However, all we ask is that you give what you can. The amount is not important; what is important is that we give something.

Thank You for Joining Us,

Gregg Maughan - President - Forever Living Products International, LLC