New Learning Opportunities for Ivory Coast's La Page Blanche

  In the Ivory Coast, it is not uncommon to find children with mental disabilities marginalized by society and misunderstood by their families. One organization is working to prevent that from happening by offering support to families and education for their children with special needs. La Page Blanche, a rehabilitation center created by the Association for the Reintegration of Children, coordinates education for children with needs ranging from cerebral palsy to Down syndrome and autism. Technology and art play an important role in their rehabilitation and social integration.
There are roughly 150 children whose learning processes will be enhanced from a donation by Forever Giving of new computers equipped with special education software. A camera and video projector were included to help record and review their progression along with art supplies for activities. Thanks to the support from our distributors, Forever Giving was able to make a significant donation to help pay for these supplies. Forever Living Products Country Manager JB Amichia, presented the donation in an emotional ceremony organized by the center’s staff and children.
"With this donation, Forever Giving is helping us parents and staff to give the opportunity to our disabled kids to develop at their level, their talent in a sound and joyful environment,” said Dr. Anne Marie Dem, president of the Association for the Reintegration of Children-La Page Blanche.
Once again, a special thank you to our generous distributors for making this donation possible!

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