Thank You Scandinavia!

The Scandinavian offices of Forever Living have always been very generous in their donations to Forever Giving. The money they have sent has helped people all over the world, and as a token of our appreciation, we at Forever Giving decided to make donations to organizations in their area. To help Make A Difference in their part of the world.

Thanks to nominations from the Scandinavian offices, these organizations received donations from Forever Giving in May 2014-

Danish Hospital Clowns Swedish Alopecia EB Forening The Queen Silva Hospital

“We have received the fantastic news, that Forever Giving have decided to support our work with the sick children at Danish hospitals through our professional and well educated Hospital Clowns. We believe that with humor, empathy and presence we can make the child’s stay at the hospital more bearable, increase the child’s self-esteem and strength to better cope with their own situation.” - Danish Hospital Clowns