Whizz-Kidz and KAOS Choir Honored in London

The Forever Living Global Rally gives the stage to Forever Giving annually, to recap the previous year and announce a new donation. Providing information on our recent donations and all the work we are doing world wide is always fantastic, but it's announcing our newest recipients that brings the most excitement. This year brought along 2 beneficiaries to a Forever Giving donation!

KAOS Choir

Our first donation was to KAOS Choir, a local choir in London that provides education and performance opportunities to children who are deaf or hard of hearing. We had the pleasure of hearing KAOS Choir sing live at Global Rally while signing in BSL. Despite their aforementioned disadvantage, the choir was an incredible force and truly sounded beautiful. With a talent so undeniable we were happy to provide KAOS Choir with a donation.


Our second donation was to Whizz-Kidz, an organization in London that provides proper wheel chairs to those in need. A representative of the organization, George Fielding, joined us on stage to tell us his own personal story of how Whizz-Kidz changed his life. The impact this organization has had on George and the community is undeniable, and Forever Giving was happy to provide Whizz-Kidz with a generous donation.

See what Whizz-Kidz is all about!

Whizz-Kidz helps kids to be kids from Whizz-Kidz on Vimeo.