Forever Giving Helps MCC in France

Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Enfants du Monde enables children with heart malformations to undergo surgery in France when they lack the technical and financial means to be cared for in their countries of origin. Each month, about 20 children are operated on in 9 French towns. In addition to this main mission, the Association also supports the training of doctors from their countries of origin, as well as educational sponsorship.

Each child is flown in and stays in France for 2 months on average. There is a team in place for the arrival of every child including a host family that will house them while they undergo tests prior to their surgery. All treatments, including the actual procedure are done with careful consideration and in the best conditions.

It costs an average of $14,000 per child, funded by private donations and corporate partners like Forever Giving. Forever Giving presented Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaqu with a check in the amount of €45,091 from distributor's generous contributions to the Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaque campaign collected by Forever Living Products France SARL.

Forever Living Products France distributors donated more than $50,000in 2014, which will save 4 children in 2015.