World Humanitarian Day sheds light on the importance of doing good

August 19th is World Humanitarian Day. How do you plan on making a difference? This day helps us mark a time to reflect on the struggles of others around the world and to think about the change we can influence when we all work together as a Forever family.

The joy of helping others achieve their potential and strive for their dreams is a powerful bond that connects us to every corner of the earth and it's a value that sits at the core of why Forever Giving was created. 

Where it all began

Chairman and CEO of Forever Living Products, Rex Maughan, sought to create another avenue for giving back and lifting people up when he founded Forever Giving. Rex's lifelong mission always centered around helping people in need and conserving culture and history wherever he could. In his 20's, Rex traveled to Samoa, where he devoted his time to help in any way he could. 

"In the many years since I left a piece of my heart in the Samoan islands, I’ve had the opportunity to return time after time," Rex reflected. "We’ve been blessed to restore the home of the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson and turn it into a museum, which is still one of the leading destinations for Samoa tourism. We have also been able to preserve Samoan lands from being timbered, ensuring that more people would be able to visit and enjoy these beautiful islands. There are countless other projects that we have been proud to be a part of in Samoa over the years." 

Now many years after he first stepped foot on the beautiful lands of Samoa, Rex has turned another chapter in his book of giving. He first encountered the Rise Against Hunger meal packing event in 2015, when Forever Giving funded the meals for a meal packaging event at Forever Living Products' annual Global Rally. Since teaming up with Rise Against Hunger in 2015, Forever Giving and associates of Forever Living Products have donated more than 1.7 million meals and is on track to reach a goal of 5 million meals by 2020

During Forever Living’s Global Rally 2018, attendees saw first-hand the difference we’ve made so far. The crowd heard from Maynor Aragon. He was an orphan in Nicaragua when he began receiving meals from Rise Against Hunger and today he’s living his dream of becoming a sportscaster. Read all about his inspiring journey here! 

A country at a crossroads

Dreams are a luxury many Nicaraguans simply can’t afford. It’s a country where 80 percent of the population lives on less than $2 a day. It’s among the poorest countries in the Americas with a history roiled by economic and political turmoil.

Nicaragua is also a country with a vibrant multi-ethnic culture. Together, Forever Giving and Rise Against Hunger have helped deliver more than 33.7 million meals to Nicaragua. Thanks to the efforts of our Forever family, we’ve made a positive impact on millions of lives all over the world and there’s so much work left to do.

That’s why, together with Rise Against Hunger, we’ve set a goal of wiping hunger off the face of the planet by 2030.

Make your mark by donating to Forever Giving

When you donate to Forever Giving you know your generous support is going to make a real difference in someone’s life. This is your chance to leave a legacy of giving back. Whether it’s a much-needed meal in Nicaragua, shelter in a disaster zone or crucial medical services for young children in Africa, you can rest easy knowing your money is going directly toward providing services for those who need it most.

Visit our donate page to learn how you can contribute to Forever Giving.