How 5 Million Meals Changes the World

Hunger can leave a child with little room to think or learn. A day at school could feel like an eternity when the pangs of starvation just don't quit.  According to the World Food Program, 66 million primary age children attend school hungry every day. But, when an organization comes together to package meals in partnership with Rise Against Hunger, it changes everything. 

In 2015, Forever Living Products first joined forces with Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now) to give back at its annual Global Rally in Singapore. Forever Business Owners from all over the world had their first interaction with a simple two-hour volunteer shift that seemed much more fun than work. Music filled the air while they danced and cheered, all the while packaging thousands of meals that would be shipped off to a town in Asia and would bring a smile to a child who didn't have to go hungry. 

In 2016, Forever Living Products aimed to do even better! This time, they packaged more meals during the Global Rally in South Africa and were able to contribute to that many more lives. During the event, the Rise Against Hunger team had something they wanted to show the Forever Business Owners, something that would help them understand why this project matters. 

Seeing the Impact First-Hand

Just a short bus ride later, they arrived at the location where the Rise Against Hunger organization gives meals to families in need. For the first time, the Forever team could see how much it was impacting real lives. These children were living each day less in danger of malnutrition because of a simple two-hour volunteer shift. 

Those who were able to take the tour of the small village came face to face with the living conditions and the realities of rural South African towns. When they stepped off the bus, the families and children greeted them with hugs and curiosity. Finally, Forever associates could see who they were helping. 

It was then that the staff and executives of Forever knew there had to be more. More people wanted to participate and more people wanted to make a difference. So, Forever Living Products, with the donation support of Forever Giving, set out to create a new goal - 1 million meals in 2017. 

The efforts of country staff and Forever Business Owners all over the world did even better than that. By the end of 2017, Forever had packaged nearly 2 million meals! 

A New Goal

When everyone saw that the impact could be even larger, it didn't stop Forever. Many at this point would have said, "we've done enough." But instead, Forever rolled up their sleeves and made the new goal of reaching 5 million meals in just two years by 2020.

The Rise Against Hunger Organization has packaged to date 404,311,536 meals to distribute worldwide. Forever's contribution is already more than 3 million of that total and it's not over yet. Imagine being able to feed a child and change their life.  That's what the impact of this mission will have. Donate today and help us reach 5 million meals! Learn more at