Forever Giving Reaches Children and Families in Hawaii

Severe illness can consume anyone, but when it is our children who are ill it is the most heart wrenching. Forever Giving has continually concerned itself with the well being of children and recently have found two organizations in Hawaii who are doing the same. HUGS and Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation were the recipients of a generous grant from Forever Giving which was presented at the Forever Global Rally 2013 in Honolulu. And they were chosen for good reason... Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation is an organization that focuses on assisting children and their families upon their diagnoses of cancer. In partnership with Forever Giving, Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation will be donating $24,000 in financial assistance to families with children who are suffering from cancer. This will provide a cushion for families who may not be able to afford their mortgage, car payments, or even medical treatments not covered by insurance. Tara Humphreys, a representative from HCCF, shares "Often times one parent will leave their job in an effort to take care of their ailing child, and in turn their financials take a hit. Families struggle to meet bills and purchase food, we do our best to help with that."

In addition to financial assistance Forever Giving donated an additional $1,500 to HCCF's Kokua Basket project. These baskets are given to newly diagnosed children and their families. These "survival kits" contain everything from gift cards, stuffed animals, blankets, or anything else that may help comfort them during their hospital stay. It also contains a book that tells the family the type of cancer their child has and the treatment that is to come.

Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation:

In addition to HCCF there was a donation made to:

Forever Giving's second contribution was made to HUGS. While HCCF focused on the financial and initial trauma of diagnoses, HUGS focuses on long term emotional, psychological, and social support. HUGS often times calls themselves a family because that is what they are there for, to strengthen families in the face of adversity. HUGS provides peer support groups, family events, emergency respite, and provides a place for these ill children to no longer be looked at as patients and just be kids. With Forever Giving's $24,000 donation, HUGS will be providing an Airfare Assistance Program to its families. This program will allow for families to transport their child to Oahu or the mainland for procedures not offered on their island. It will also provide family members on neighboring islands the ability to fly in to see these children in times of emergency. Ultimately it allows the family to be a family in times of need.


Forever Giving is pleased to have found two organizations in Hawaii that are providing a service to ill children and look forward to seeing the effects these donations will have on the families.

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