Super Typhoon Yolanda Rips Through the Philippines

On November 8th Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) made landfall in the Philippines. Though many were aware of the strength the storm possessed, few could actually imagine the destruction it would cause. Thousands have lost their homes and businesses, many cities are still without power, and numerous people are missing. The Philippine Red Cross estimates that at least 1,200 people were killed by the storm, but that number could grow as officials make their way to remote areas made nearly inaccessible by Yolanda.

In an effort to assist those affected, Forever Giving has decided to make a donation of $50,000 to the Philippine Red Cross to aid in the recovery and rebuilding of the affected areas. While Red Cross relief efforts are well underway, blocked roads, destroyed infrastructure and downed communication lines are making the response particularly challenging. They have been working tirelessly to gain access to these areas and continue to push towards survivors who are in need. Forever Giving's donation can hopefully assist in getting materials around the country and in these especially difficult conditions.

In addition to the $50,000 donation, Forever Giving has also dedicated our Paypal account to the Philippines from now through the end of November. Every dollar donated to our Paypal account will go towards the disaster relief in the Philippines. You can donate here.

We want to thank everyone who chooses to donate to Forever Giving. Because of you we are able to "Make a Difference" in the world. Salamat!

Forever Giving Helps Thousands of Flood-Affected Families in Philippines

It was not even a typhoon with a name. Instead, it was ravaging monsoon rains which hit the Philippines early last week that left Metro Manila and the nearby provinces maimed - an addition to the already long list of economic and political challenges the striving Southeast Asian nation is currently facing. The aftermath was a devastating scene of widespread flooding and landslides, of missing victims and rising death toll, and of thousands of Filipinos losing roofs above their heads, as their homes and everything else they had were swept away in an instant.

The news of flooding in Manila reached Forever Giving early in the week from our friend and partner, Rosalio Valenzuela, Country Manager of Forever Living Products Philippines. A brief note from Rosalio that Manila had been hit with some flooding and that operations would be closed for the day quickly unraveled to express that the “flood is rising, similar to two years ago” and that “rivers and dams have also overflowed, affecting the nearby cities in Manila.”

As the week wore on and news worsened of the nonstop rain, Forever Giving began seeking the quickest way to provide assistance directly to the hardest hit areas and immediately responded with a financial contribution to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), a premier humanitarian organization in the country. With this and donations from other companies, organizations and generous individuals, the PRC launched numerous relief operations for flood-stricken families, assisting in the rescue and evacuation of affected Filipinos, and distributing basic commodities and hot meals to those in various evacuation centers. Rubber boats, ambulances, trucks and amphibians were also deployed to advance ongoing rescue operations. This is in addition to the hygiene promotion conducted in areas where families are temporarily sheltered and the welfare desks, which are positioned to provide psychological support to evacuees.

Thank you to the staff and Distributors of Forever Living Products Philippines for their help in the coordination of this project and to the thousands of Forever Living Distributors worldwide whom support Forever Giving for being part of this greater advocacy. It is heartwarming to see people of different nationalities come together in times like these, lending one another a hand and sharing each other’s burdens no matter where they live in the world.

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