Red Cross Update

Today has been an exciting day for Forever Giving. We have chosen a new organization to donate to...which will be announced soon! And we also received a very nice letter from the Red Cross that we thought we would share with you all.

"Dear Forever Giving,

As we commemorate the one-year mark since Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast, I'd like to again thank you and Forever Living Products for your generous support, both financially and with in-kind product, that allowed the American Red Cross to help tens of thousands of people affected by Superstorm Sandy's devastation. We greatly appreciate all that you did and do to help those during times of need!! Your support helped the Red Cross be there with food, shelter, relief supplies and support for months after the storm hit, and we are continuing to help people recover and rebuild. We have helped families start over in a new place to live, provided financial support to people working to put their lives back together, enabled residents to clean out mold from their water-logged homes and given emotional support to those who have been put through so much."

Forever Giving is touched to know that our contribution to the Red Cross is still helping people out.

Forever Giving Reaches Children and Families in Hawaii

Severe illness can consume anyone, but when it is our children who are ill it is the most heart wrenching. Forever Giving has continually concerned itself with the well being of children and recently have found two organizations in Hawaii who are doing the same. HUGS and Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation were the recipients of a generous grant from Forever Giving which was presented at the Forever Global Rally 2013 in Honolulu. And they were chosen for good reason... Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation is an organization that focuses on assisting children and their families upon their diagnoses of cancer. In partnership with Forever Giving, Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation will be donating $24,000 in financial assistance to families with children who are suffering from cancer. This will provide a cushion for families who may not be able to afford their mortgage, car payments, or even medical treatments not covered by insurance. Tara Humphreys, a representative from HCCF, shares "Often times one parent will leave their job in an effort to take care of their ailing child, and in turn their financials take a hit. Families struggle to meet bills and purchase food, we do our best to help with that."

In addition to financial assistance Forever Giving donated an additional $1,500 to HCCF's Kokua Basket project. These baskets are given to newly diagnosed children and their families. These "survival kits" contain everything from gift cards, stuffed animals, blankets, or anything else that may help comfort them during their hospital stay. It also contains a book that tells the family the type of cancer their child has and the treatment that is to come.

Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation:

In addition to HCCF there was a donation made to:

Forever Giving's second contribution was made to HUGS. While HCCF focused on the financial and initial trauma of diagnoses, HUGS focuses on long term emotional, psychological, and social support. HUGS often times calls themselves a family because that is what they are there for, to strengthen families in the face of adversity. HUGS provides peer support groups, family events, emergency respite, and provides a place for these ill children to no longer be looked at as patients and just be kids. With Forever Giving's $24,000 donation, HUGS will be providing an Airfare Assistance Program to its families. This program will allow for families to transport their child to Oahu or the mainland for procedures not offered on their island. It will also provide family members on neighboring islands the ability to fly in to see these children in times of emergency. Ultimately it allows the family to be a family in times of need.


Forever Giving is pleased to have found two organizations in Hawaii that are providing a service to ill children and look forward to seeing the effects these donations will have on the families.

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Forever Giving Mobilizes Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

Traveling nearly 1500 miles from Texas to New York, a truckload filled with Forever Natural Spring Water and Forever Fast Break nutritional bars donated by Forever Giving is en-route to one of the hardest stricken areas in New York by Hurricane Sandy. The supplies will be dispersed among 200 American Red Cross emergency response vehicles that are beginning to circulate through some communities; distributing meals, water and snacks to the millions of people who have been displaced by the natural disaster. With access into many areas still difficult, Forever Giving teamed up with Forever Living to gain the FEMA clearance needed to deliver the supplies to the areas in which American Red Cross needs them the most.

“We’re mobilizing more disaster workers, response vehicles and relief supplies now,” said Charley Shimanski, Senior Vice President of Disaster Services for the Red Cross. “The Red Cross response is already very large and could be our biggest U.S. disaster response in the past five years. It will be very costly and we need the public’s help.”

In addition to the relief supplies donated, a significant financial contribution was made to the American Red Cross today by Forever Giving to help provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to those affected by the disaster.

“Following the devastating storm, many of our colleagues have been without power for the past few days throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast areas,” said Gregg Maughan, President of Forever Living Products International. “By partnering with Forever Giving to support the American Red Cross, we are able to join their efforts to provide immediate assistance to the millions of Americans who really need it.”

To find out how you can get involved in this and other Forever Giving projects, click here.

Make a Difference with Forever Giving

Forever Giving

Forever Giving is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States whose mission is to partner with charitable organizations that share its passion for improving the human experience. Forever Giving specifically focuses on making a difference throughout the world by providing funds, facilities, and education to help fight against poverty, hunger, and the lack of medical services available for children. The foundation also supports relief efforts in response to natural disasters in the areas in which it operates and in its donor communities.

Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products and its affiliates are the largest growers, manufacturers and distributors of aloe vera in the world. From its aloe plantations to its world-class manufacturing plants and state-of-the-art distribution facilities, Forever Living is 100% vertically integrated; delivering the highest quality aloe based health and beauty products through a supply chain it refers to as Plant to Product to You. A multi-billion dollar business that spans the globe, Forever employs over 10,000 people worldwide, provides numerous income opportunities to more than 10 million Distributors in over 150 countries and touches millions of households.

American Red Cross

Founded in 1981, the American Red Cross exists to provide compassionate care to those in need. Our network of generous donors, volunteers and employees share a mission of preventing and relieving suffering, here at home and around the world, through five key service areas of: disaster relief, supporting America’s military families, lifesaving blood, health and safety services, and international services.

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Your Giving In Action - An Update on Save the Family, USA

Forever Giving Arizona Charity Save the Family AC Project The first of five brand new air conditioning units sponsored by Forever Giving was installed this past week in one of the homes that Save the Family Foundation of Arizona operates as temporary housing units for homeless, working poor families. Replacing an extremely inefficient unit that was over 20 years old and in constant need of repair, the new A/C unit will provide huge savings on energy costs and do a much better job of keeping the house cool; providing a comfortable living environment for not only the family currently living there, but the many families that will be occupying the house in the future.

Forever Giving Partner Save the Family

The purchase and installation of this unit was made possible by a donation Forever Giving made to Save the Family in August, a portion of which would sponsor the purchase of five new a/c units that will serve over 20 families over the course of 15 years.

It’s always incredible to see the generous support of our donors in action. “Thank you all so much for the amazing gift you gave us in August and all it will do for our families!" - Tim Lidster, Community Outreach Manager for Save the Family.

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Forever Giving Empowers Homeless Families in Arizona

Homelessness is one of the leading adversities facing children and families in the U.S. today. The national statistics are disheartening:


These figures made an incredible impression on all of us at Forever Giving as we began seeking ways we could assist our local community. One particular organization that stood out for their work in battling this epidemic was Save the Family Foundation of Arizona. For more than 20 years, Save the Family has helped over 10,000 homeless children and their parents rebuild their lives. They carry out their mission to “empower families to conquer homelessness and achieve life-long independence” by providing homeless, working poor families with temporary housing, job placement and life skills training.


In 1989, Save the Family housed its first four families in their transitional living program. This program provides homeless families with temporary housing and rehabilitative services for nine months. One very special part of this program is a walk through their Dynamic Way – this is a special hallway where homeless families, who often own just the clothes on their backs, can stock up on supplies such as clothing, kitchenware, toiletries and toys before moving into their temporary home.

Save the Family now places almost 300 families a year in over 191 temporary housing units across the Phoenix valley. Maintaining these units requires quite a bit of cost, and that’s where Forever Giving recognized a need and stepped in to help.

Anyone who has ever experienced a summer day in Arizona can appreciate the importance of having a well air-conditioned place you can escape to in order to beat the heat. With the average life span of an air conditioner being only 15 years and over 191 units for Save the Family to operate, many of the existing air conditioners in their housing units are in dire need of repair and replacement. Forever Giving has partnered with Save the Family to sponsor the purchase and installation of 5 brand new air conditioning units, which will provide 400 homeless children and their parents with relief from the scorching summer heat of the desert.

Another significant operational expense for Save the Family is the cost of beds for their housing units. To aid with this expense, Forever Giving has provided funds for the purchase of 40 full-size bed units which, for some children, will be the very first bed they have ever slept in.


These efforts would not have been possible without the support of the many generous Distributors of Forever Living Products who funded this project. We asked their Chairman & CEO, Rex Maughan, and his lovely wife, Ruth, to present the check to Save the Family at Forever Living’s recent Super Rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Upon receiving the check, Save the Family’s Community Outreach Manager, Tim Lidster, stated all of our appreciation to Forever Living the best when he said “Thanks to you all for making this possible.”



Make a Difference with Forever Giving

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