Over $79,000 Donated at 2010 Denver Super Rally

Forever-Giving Over $79,000 was donated to Forever Giving by Distributors of Forever Living Products International at the 2010 Super Rally in Denver, Colorado.

Three sets of posters personally autographed by Rex Maughan, Chairman of the Board & CEO, were auctioned off during the Fly Like an Eagle Training on Thursday, August 12th to benefit Forever Giving. The posters were sold to the highest bidders and their teams from FLP Japan, FLP India, and FLP Brazil - for a total donation of $27,000. Additional pledges were made at the Rally by FLP Scandinavia and FLP USA for $22,200.

Distributors from all over the world showed their support of the Foundation by purchasing Forever Giving’s Help a Child Today t-shirts. In addition to raising awareness by wearing their shirts during the Rally Week in Denver, they also raised additional funds with the proceeds of the t-shirt sales going to the Forever Giving Foundation.

100% of the donations raised at the Super Rally will be used to support Forever Giving’s current projects across the world, with a special emphasis on purchasing mosquito nets for children in Africa; where every thirty seconds a child dies from Malaria. The mosquito nets donated by Forever Giving will help prevent the spread of this deadly disease, Africa’s leading cause of death in children.

Thank you to the Forever Family of Distributors for their support of Forever Giving. Forever Living is truly Forever Giving!

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