Meet Maynor Aragon

Maynor Aragon is an outcome of the mission of Rise Against Hunger to change the lives of people who have suffered from hunger and economic struggle. He is a young man filled with gratitude, hope and aspirations. He is a young man who after meeting him during the Global Rally 2018 in Dallas, Texas, changes your view on how simple volunteer operations can make a huge impact. 

Forever Living Products partnered with Rise Against Hunger to bring Maynor to Global Rally to speak in front of all the people who have contributed to making a difference. He went from 11 years old seeking refuge in an orphanage to a stage in front of thousands telling his story of how he was able to study at Journalism and become a sportscaster. In fact, Maynor was just two weeks into his new career when he arrived in Dallas. 

During his trip to the United States, the joy in his face was overshadowed by an awe that you could see in his large eyes as they took in everything around him. He wanted to smile, laugh, cry and jump all at the same time. It was as most people who have the luxury of niceties would say - like a child on Christmas morning, anxiously waiting to rip open all of his gifts. 

But, Maynor was there for one purpose and he was intent on delivering it. To make sure that the people who have contributed to Forever Giving through their donations and to Rise Against Hunger through meal packing would see firsthand the difference they had made in his life and other lives around the world. 

"I want you to know that these meals go beyond feeding a hungry belly because they give hope," Maynor told the crowd. "I want to be a voice for those whose stories are waiting to be heard: I am every child who has gone to bed hungry. I am every child who did without. I am every child who dreamed of life without hunger. I am every child who will rise to their potential. I am every child who will rise to receive an education. I am every child who will rise to earn their own living." 

Maynor stood on stage that day to tell his story, in hopes that his journey would forever inspire people to continue contributing to Rise Against Hunger. His story is just one of many, but it's a story that illustrates the impact of the mission to end world hunger. 

About Forever Living Products
Every year, Forever Living Products hosts a Global Rally event that gathers thousands of Forever Business Owners from around the world for training, networking and celebration. Since 2015, Forever Giving has contributed funds for a volunteer session hosted during the event for Rise Against Hunger. Learn more here. (link to 5 million meal article) 

About Rise Against Hunger 
Rise Against Hunger is an organization that doesn't just deliver meals to schools and facilities in nations where malnutrition and hunger are prevalent, but they also aim to change lives and give hope to children who otherwise wouldn't have it. Through their efforts and partnerships with orphanages like Maynor's they are able to create deeper connections and experiences for children that allow them to attend higher education schools and create better futures. Learn more at