How 5 Million Meals Changes the World

How 5 Million Meals Changes the World

Hunger can leave a child with little room to think or learn. A day at school could feel like an eternity when the pangs of starvation just don't quit.  According to the World Food Program, 66 million primary age children attend school hungry every day. But, when an organization comes together to package meals in partnership with Rise Against Hunger, it changes everything. 

Team Forever Giving runs in 2011 Vienna Marathon

On April 17th, a group of Forever Living Products Distributors from the UK took to the streets of Vienna to raise funds and awareness for Forever Giving. Fondly nicknamed “the Intrepid Five”: Tammy Hobson, Hazel Loutsis, Phil Loutsis, Greg Davidson and Adrian Poynter all completed the 26.2 mile course in the Vienna City Marathon posting excellent times.

The charity run was the vision of Adrian Poynter, a Forever Living Products Recognized Manager, whose goal was to recruit his Forever Living friends from across Europe to “volunteer” to run in an effort to raise funds for Forever Giving. With the help of the Head Office staff of Forever Living Products UK, they set up a Facebook fan page “The Forever Giving Vienna Marathon” and used it to stay connected with runners and supporters. In addition, the event was promoted on Forever Living’s corporate Facebook fan page, Forever Living’s European Rally website and through the Head Office of Forever Living Products Germany.

Congratulations to Team Forever Giving - you did it! A huge thank you to everyone who showed their support, particularly the British contingent of fanatical supporters who shouted and waved their flags rallying the tired runners.

For news on the next Forever Giving marathon, stay tuned to the Forever Giving Vienna Marathon Facebook fan page.

Greg Davidson “Running and completing the Vienna marathon, my first one, was a very personal journey for me and I am hugely proud of my achievement. What made it extra special was running as part of the Forever Giving UK team and the lasting friendships I have made.”

Tammy Hobson "It has been a long term ambition to run a marathon and once I became aware, in December 2010, that the Vienna marathon was happening at the same time as the Forever Living Profit Share Rally I saw it as an ideal opportunity to fulfill that dream. By taking part in the Marathon I have not only achieved a long term goal but also have the knowledge that the money I raised in sponsorship, and matched from our profit share cheque, has helped so many others less fortunate. I would like to thank all those that sponsored me, supported and encouraged me throughout."

Hazel Loutsis “Training and running in the Vienna marathon, my first, has been life-changing for me. I've had to reassess my belief about myself - a few months ago I would have said ‘I could never run a marathon.’ I found a 16-week training programme for marathon beginners, focused on the goal, followed the plan, and it worked! I've been overwhelmed by the support, enthusiasm and generosity of the people in my life. The fun, excitement and camaraderie on the day was brilliant. I want to do it all over again!”

Phil Loutsis "Running the marathon was fantastic. It was the culmination of several months of training. The event itself was really exciting and sharing with my friends was the icing on the cake. I did most of my training in the winter in Yorkshire, England - that means rain, wind and a lot of hills. So running a lovely flat road on a sunny day was not so bad. Run a marathon. It's awesome."

Adrian Poynter “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that was involved in helping the five UK runners get to the starting line and beyond. Special thanks to the UK supporters that were out on the streets in Vienna cheering us on. However, it was the other four runners who need to be celebrated in their achievements: Greg, Tammy, Phil & Hazel, because it was YOU that spurred me onto finish. Thank you each & every one of you.”