Arigato to Forever Living Products Argentina!

We at Forever Giving want to express a heartfelt thanks to the Distributors of Forever Living Products Argentina for their support of our Japan Relief project. Hernán Coquet, Country Manager for Argentina, presented the funds collected by the Distributors of Argentina to Gregg Maughan and Garin Breinholt at Forever’s recent World Rally in Vienna, Austria. 100% of the funds donated will be given to our partner in Japan, the Central Community Chest of Japan, who in turn will disburse the financial contribution to the areas most affected by the devastating Tohuku earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Once again, Arigato to Forever Living Products Argentina for helping us Make a Difference in Japan!

Forever Giving Partners with Central Community Chest of Japan (CCCJ)

After assessing the needs of several charitable organizations, Forever Giving is proud to announce our support of Central Community Chest of Japan (CCCJ) to help fund their continued relief efforts following the Tohuku Earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck the country’s Pacific coastline on March 11, 2011. The monies donated by Forever Giving will help fund CCCJ’s support of almost 90 volunteer centers that have been set up after the earthquake throughout the country at the prefectural, municipal, district, and community levels. With Forever Giving’s financial support, CCCJ can continue to provide much-needed supplies to the areas most affected.

A huge thank you to the Distributors of Forever worldwide who are responding quickly and showing their support of this important cause!

Join Us Thank you for your continued support of the Japan Disaster Relief efforts. Your gift to Forever Giving will help disaster victims rebuild their lives and their communities. Join our cause, and make a donation today. No amount is too small to make a difference.

About CCCJ Central Community Chest of Japan (CCCJ) is a member of United Way Worldwide and acts as a national coordinating body for local Community Chests. The organization advances the common good by mobilizing the caring power of its communities. The charitable organization’s National Office is located in the capital city of Tokyo and is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors. Local affiliate offices are managed by individual and autonomous Board of Directors. Each of the 47 prefectural Community Chests have set up district offices in large cities and branch offices in smaller municipalities within the prefecture to act as implementing bodies for the movement. District and branch offices nationwide, implement fundraising activities, organize and train volunteers, conduct public relations, and survey the financial needs providing welfare services.

Join Us to Support the Japan Relief Efforts

Dear Forever Friends, Like all of you, I have been stunned by the recent events in Japan. I recall waking early to the news that there had been a massive earthquake just off the northeastern coast of Japan. My first reaction when I hear of disasters and troubles throughout the world is to do a quick mental inventory of where our staff and distributors are. I recalled immediately that we have large numbers of dedicated distributors that live in the affected area, and we began the process of trying to locate our Country Manager in Japan to see what was happening and how we could help. Rjay Lloyd and his wife Annie were also in Tokyo, and after a nervous couple of hours we were able to contact them and get an assessment of their safety and the situation there. Over 300km south of where the earthquake struck, Rjay and Annie felt the quake, which still registered over 7 on the Richter Scale at the office in Toyko. He told us buildings were swaying over 18" off center. Thankfully our office in Tokyo suffered only superficial damage and no one was hurt. However, it quickly became apparent that this was more than 'another earthquake'. It was a defining moment in world history. With the advice of our team in Tokyo, we reluctantly made the decision to postpone the Japanese Rally that was scheduled for the next week. With this decision made we were able to focus our efforts on doing what we could to help.

Miraculously, we are able to report that so far we have heard of no loss of life amongst our distributors. Sadly, though, many have lost their homes and ALL of their possessions; in some instances, their entire villages have been washed away. Obviously this level of devastation has created a massive need for humanitarian assistance, and I am proud to let you know that Forever has not been standing by. We immediately emptied our warehouse there of our products and gave them to our distributors, who have been an excellent distribution network making sure the product is getting to the people in need. We have sent truckloads of products, food and water from the south up to the stricken areas. Just yesterday we sent two more truckloads of food and water to those in need. We will continue to do what we can to help. But, without your help, we can only do so much.

Please take a moment today to give what you can. We understand there are needs throughout the world and appreciate that it might not be a good time to give to another 'cause'. However, all we ask is that you give what you can. The amount is not important; what is important is that we give something.

Thank You for Joining Us,

Gregg Maughan - President - Forever Living Products International, LLC

Forever Giving Joins the Fight Against Malaria for the Children of Uganda


To mark Forever Giving’s first anniversary last month, we continued our mission to “Make a Difference” in the lives of children around the world by focusing our charitable efforts in the country of Uganda. As you may already know, malaria is the number one cause of death in children of Africa. What you may not know is that malaria-infected mosquitoes bite at night, so one of the most effective ways to prevent the transmission of malaria is to sleep under insecticide-treated mosquito nets. Unfortunately, there are many areas in Africa where much of the population does not have the means to purchase this type of protection, particularly in Uganda, a country that ranks third-highest in Africa for malaria-related deaths and where only 10% of children sleep under a net.

After learning of these devastating statistics, Forever Giving committed to raise donations in order to purchase these mosquito nets for the underprivileged children of Uganda. At the Super Rally in Denver, distributors from Forever Living Products generously donated to help protect these children from the ill-effects of malaria. With their help, Forever Giving purchased 7,000 high quality, insecticide-treated mosquito nets, and on September 26th, I had the privilege to represent Forever Giving and Forever Living distributors as we distributed these nets in the slum villages of Kampala, Uganda.

Together with volunteers from Forever Living Products Uganda, the Ministry of Health and local authorities, we walked to the slum areas of Kivulu and Kitanga as well as the Mulago National Referral Hospital to put these nets in the hands of the pregnant women and children who need them the most. This was an emotional and life-changing experience for me, and I have never felt more proud to be a member of the Forever Family.

On behalf of Forever Giving, I want to say thank you to all of our wonderful distributors around the Forever World. Without you, this would not have been possible. With your help, Forever Giving’s impact continues to reach children in all areas of the world, and I can assure you, we are making a Forever difference!

Gary Shreeve, Vice President of Africa Forever Living Products International, Inc.

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