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The holiday season is here! Now you can buy gifts that keep on giving.  Most would agree that is a fantastic online retailer for almost anything you can need and want. With Amazon Smile, the money spent at can extend further than you imagined.

By purchasing items through Amazon Smile, a portion of your purchase will go directly to Forever Giving! You have all the product options available on Amazon, and you can contribute to the Forever Giving fund without any extra cost to you.  Here's how:

•Go to Amazon • Forever Philanthropies Inc. will appear as your supported charity • 0.5% of your purchase will go to Forever Giving upon checkout

It’s as simple as that. Who knew online shopping would be so rewarding? Help support Forever Giving today!

Refugee Crisis: Sweden Red Cross offering a helping hand

Forever Giving is honored to help the Red Cross Sweden with a donation of $10,000 to assist in the efforts to care for refugees in Europe.  Due to government economic crises and mass outbreaks of war, citizens of the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia are fleeing to Europe in search of food, shelter, and safety.  Roughly 190,000 refugees are expected to arrive in Sweden in 2015 as they seek asylum from their home countries.

Sweden has the highest acceptance rate of refugees in all of Europe with over 70% of the country welcoming asylum seekers.  With massive amounts of refugees arriving to Sweden via long treks through Southeast Europe, or week-long boat rides across the Mediterranean Sea, many are in need of help and medical attention.  That’s where the Red Cross Sweden has stepped in.

The Red Cross Sweden has made a huge impact on the quality of life for refugees by offering the following assistance to asylum-seekers arriving to the country:

-          Basic first aid

-          Transportation to hospitals for refugees

-          Family reunification

-          Food and shelter unaccompanied minors

Thank you, Red Cross Sweden, for being a helping hand and a beacon of light to those searching for a better tomorrow.

Response to Nepal Earthquake

On April 25th Nepal was struck with a powerful earthquake that devastated the area. The number of deceased has surged passed 5,500 and the number of injured, missing, and homeless is so incredibly large it can't be accurately reported. Immediately Forever Giving wanted to take action and donated $20,000 to CARE International to help provide emergency shelter and hygiene kits to those that lost their homes. CARE is an organization that has had a long standing presence in Nepal, and we are confident in their ability to provide disaster relief assistance. The affects of this earthquake are immeasurable and will be felt for years to come, so we wanted to ask that you help us continue to raise money for this cause. Thousands of men, women, and children have no home, no immediate source of food or clean water, and many are still stranded in need of assistance. Every bit counts and can truly help Make a Difference in this situation in Nepal.

Working Together to End World Hunger

This year Forever Giving was invited to Singapore, a beautiful location with a festive environment, to donate money to support a local volunteer event, hosted by Stop Hunger Now. 


Forever Giving was able to present Stop Hunger Now representative, Tiki Keh, with a $95,000 USD check to help continue the incredible work they are doing. It's just proof that when we work together, we truly can Make a Difference.


Forever Giving Helps MCC in France

Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Enfants du Monde enables children with heart malformations to undergo surgery in France when they lack the technical and financial means to be cared for in their countries of origin. Each month, about 20 children are operated on in 9 French towns. In addition to this main mission, the Association also supports the training of doctors from their countries of origin, as well as educational sponsorship.

Each child is flown in and stays in France for 2 months on average. There is a team in place for the arrival of every child including a host family that will house them while they undergo tests prior to their surgery. All treatments, including the actual procedure are done with careful consideration and in the best conditions.

It costs an average of $14,000 per child, funded by private donations and corporate partners like Forever Giving. Forever Giving presented Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaqu with a check in the amount of €45,091 from distributor's generous contributions to the Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaque campaign collected by Forever Living Products France SARL.

Forever Living Products France distributors donated more than $50,000in 2014, which will save 4 children in 2015.

Whizz-Kidz and KAOS Choir Honored in London

The Forever Living Global Rally gives the stage to Forever Giving annually, to recap the previous year and announce a new donation. Providing information on our recent donations and all the work we are doing world wide is always fantastic, but it's announcing our newest recipients that brings the most excitement. This year brought along 2 beneficiaries to a Forever Giving donation!

KAOS Choir

Our first donation was to KAOS Choir, a local choir in London that provides education and performance opportunities to children who are deaf or hard of hearing. We had the pleasure of hearing KAOS Choir sing live at Global Rally while signing in BSL. Despite their aforementioned disadvantage, the choir was an incredible force and truly sounded beautiful. With a talent so undeniable we were happy to provide KAOS Choir with a donation.


Our second donation was to Whizz-Kidz, an organization in London that provides proper wheel chairs to those in need. A representative of the organization, George Fielding, joined us on stage to tell us his own personal story of how Whizz-Kidz changed his life. The impact this organization has had on George and the community is undeniable, and Forever Giving was happy to provide Whizz-Kidz with a generous donation.

See what Whizz-Kidz is all about!

Whizz-Kidz helps kids to be kids from Whizz-Kidz on Vimeo.

Thank You Scandinavia!

The Scandinavian offices of Forever Living have always been very generous in their donations to Forever Giving. The money they have sent has helped people all over the world, and as a token of our appreciation, we at Forever Giving decided to make donations to organizations in their area. To help Make A Difference in their part of the world.

Thanks to nominations from the Scandinavian offices, these organizations received donations from Forever Giving in May 2014-

Danish Hospital Clowns Swedish Alopecia EB Forening The Queen Silva Hospital

“We have received the fantastic news, that Forever Giving have decided to support our work with the sick children at Danish hospitals through our professional and well educated Hospital Clowns. We believe that with humor, empathy and presence we can make the child’s stay at the hospital more bearable, increase the child’s self-esteem and strength to better cope with their own situation.” - Danish Hospital Clowns

World AIDS Day Donation

December 1st was World AIDS Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the disease and touching the lives of those who suffer from it. Forever Giving decided to join in on the message of AIDS day and donated to the Zimbabwe AIDS Orphan Society (ZAOS). We would like to thank Frederic Alerstam and the rest of the Scandinavia office of Forever Living Products for the recommendation of this organization. They not only have made recommendations but have continually helped raise money for Forever Giving and for that... we are Forever grateful.

We are happy to share that with the donation from Forever Giving, ZAOS will be able to distribute basic healthcare to the orphans that live within their camp. From dental attention to regular check ups, these children will now be able to receive care they had been missing. Thank you again to all of the incredible people that donate to Forever Giving, because of YOU we are able to Make A Difference.

Super Typhoon Yolanda Rips Through the Philippines

On November 8th Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) made landfall in the Philippines. Though many were aware of the strength the storm possessed, few could actually imagine the destruction it would cause. Thousands have lost their homes and businesses, many cities are still without power, and numerous people are missing. The Philippine Red Cross estimates that at least 1,200 people were killed by the storm, but that number could grow as officials make their way to remote areas made nearly inaccessible by Yolanda.

In an effort to assist those affected, Forever Giving has decided to make a donation of $50,000 to the Philippine Red Cross to aid in the recovery and rebuilding of the affected areas. While Red Cross relief efforts are well underway, blocked roads, destroyed infrastructure and downed communication lines are making the response particularly challenging. They have been working tirelessly to gain access to these areas and continue to push towards survivors who are in need. Forever Giving's donation can hopefully assist in getting materials around the country and in these especially difficult conditions.

In addition to the $50,000 donation, Forever Giving has also dedicated our Paypal account to the Philippines from now through the end of November. Every dollar donated to our Paypal account will go towards the disaster relief in the Philippines. You can donate here.

We want to thank everyone who chooses to donate to Forever Giving. Because of you we are able to "Make a Difference" in the world. Salamat!

Red Cross Update

Today has been an exciting day for Forever Giving. We have chosen a new organization to donate to...which will be announced soon! And we also received a very nice letter from the Red Cross that we thought we would share with you all.

"Dear Forever Giving,

As we commemorate the one-year mark since Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast, I'd like to again thank you and Forever Living Products for your generous support, both financially and with in-kind product, that allowed the American Red Cross to help tens of thousands of people affected by Superstorm Sandy's devastation. We greatly appreciate all that you did and do to help those during times of need!! Your support helped the Red Cross be there with food, shelter, relief supplies and support for months after the storm hit, and we are continuing to help people recover and rebuild. We have helped families start over in a new place to live, provided financial support to people working to put their lives back together, enabled residents to clean out mold from their water-logged homes and given emotional support to those who have been put through so much."

Forever Giving is touched to know that our contribution to the Red Cross is still helping people out.