Make a Difference

In our travels around the world and via our involvement in many charitable causes over the years, we have seen many wonderful things: evidence of the power of human nature, and what people are willing to do to help one another. The world is an incredible place filled with amazing people; however, we have also seen the untold suffering and pain that has been caused by both man-made and natural disasters, where great people find themselves in a position where they have lost hope, and in some cases, the will to live. Tragically pain and suffering know no boundaries, and often affects our children the most. It is from these observations and listening to your feedback that we have decided that Forever Giving’s area of focus will be to provide aid and relief to children. When you partner with Forever Giving, you’re joining us in helping to improve the lives of children across the globe not just today, but for generations to come. Remember, To see what another sees is comforting; to see what another does not see is VISIONARY. Let’s make a difference together!

For consideration of financial support, please download, complete and submit our Grant Request Application.


Governing documents, financial statements and annual tax filings are available upon request.